I saw my Community Psych Nurse (CPN) yesterday along with my Health Visitor (HV) which happens weekly even though W is 6 months old.

They had come to complete a form for a CAF meeting to take place in November. CAF means Community Assessment Framework and is undertaken on a voluntary basis – but that decision is tough. On one hand, I have nothing to hide; on another, it could mean a referral to Social Services. But, if I refuse; is that not cause for concern and a reason to speak to Social Services anyway?? Bit of a headfuck.

In a nutshell, the services involved with you will fill in a CAF form which outlines the history of your experience. This is then distributed to the relevant people; in my case my HV, CPN, Psychiatrist, Support Worker at Recovery Partnership (for Alcohol consumption, but that’s a different story) and Psychologist. The meeting then takes place with as many of those people as possible to ensure everyone is working towards the same goals. Google describes it as: ‘a tool for workers in all agencies and organisations. The meetings are for complex cases and should be considered when: You have exhausted the services and resources of your own agency and the need/concern remains.

It’s a daunting prospect but I have trust in my CPN who has shown me and worked with me to ensure I find the comments on my form fair before signing it off.

In my situation, W is well cared for and a very engaging baby so the meeting really centres on how to keep me safe. This will cover details on my impulsive behaviour with both alcohol and medication, the feeling of numbness that constantly follows me around and a plan for the next few months as myself and my partner are expecting to go through some challenging times with a terminal illness in our immediate family.

The meeting is scheduled for 4th November. To be continued…

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