‘Just get over it…’ and other useless advice

This blog is a list of many of the uneducated things people have said to me and my friends with mental health issues:

‘Do you ever think it’s just all in your head?’

‘You need to focus on the positives’

‘Why do you do this, you’re so pretty’

‘You don’t want to go into a Psychiatric Hospital, they’re very scary places!’

‘You know these are going to leave horrible scars..?’

‘I don’t understand how you can’t just stop yourself from self-harming’

‘But you don’t look anorexic’

‘Just calm down’

‘It’s probably just PMS’

‘You don’t need medication, you just need to think happy thoughts’

‘Self harm is just attention seeking’

‘It’s just a teenage phase’

‘You’re a psycho’

‘You’re not well enough to be around kids’

‘Everyone gets depressed, you should just get on with it’

‘You don’t deserve pain relief, you did that to yourself’

‘You’re an inconvenience’

A personal favourite ‘look on the bright side’ – said by an ACTUAL mental health nurse – after a three year degree and this is the best advice you have for someone who is suicidal..?

Some are ignorant, even if the people who said them mean well, and others are just plain malicious. Either way they can be very offensive to people with mental health issues and can really affect our self-esteem. At our lowest we already feel like we are not worthy of help or even life. These harsh comments amplify those thoughts and feeling making an already difficult situation worse. So, it serves to say that some people don’t realise the struggles those with mental health issues face. If you find yourself on the receiving end of similar comments, remember you’ve survived things that many couldn’t because YOU ARE STRONG.

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